Introduction to the R Package `riskmetric`

Many contributed R packages lack documentation expected in software qualification, which is required within pharma and other regulated industries. For pharma, there are various regulations, which require documentation that demonstrates software is used appropriately and works as expected. Thus, industry needs to establish appropriate requirements for R packages using selected metadata and useful risk metrics. In context of the R Validation Hub, the R package riskmetric has been developed, which seeks to take the first steps in identifying metrics and best practices to quantify the quality of R packages.

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Status Update MAy 2020

In these uncertain times, we would like to provide you with some good news and update you on the progress from the R validation hub. It has been a little while since you heard from us, but that doesn’t mean we were less active. Communication: You may have realized that there are no further re-occurring meetings scheduled for the R validation hub since February. Following previous discussions, we are planning regular update releases via the website and newsletters instead.

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