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Status Update: Conferences 2021

By Juliane Manitz on March 12, 2021

The new year is starting with some good news for the R validation hub. We will be able to present our work at a number of different meetings in 2021: National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS; April 21, 2021): NISS-Merck Meet-Up on Open Source Software in Pharma Annual Meeting of Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI; June 21-23, 2021): Contributed session accepted Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM; August 7-12, 2021): Topic-contributed session accepted

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Status Update: A summary of 2020

By Executive Committee on January 13, 2021

2020 was a busy year for the R Validation Hub. We released our white paper describing our current thinking on a risk based approach to using R for regulatory work. We started to support the implementation of the white paper with tools such as riskmetric and our risk assessment application. And we started a new sub-team with the aim of producing a follow-up white paper on testing. Throughout, we have continued to share and gain feedback on our proposed approach, presenting at User!

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rOpenSci, Statistical Software, and the R Validation Hub

By Mark Padgham on September 21, 2020

Background rOpenSci is an organization devoted to “transforming science through data, software and reproducibility.” One of rOpenSci’s focal activities is peer review of R packages, historically focusing on packages that cover the data management lifecycle. This has historically excluded software implementing statistical methods, for which standards and review require addressing a different set of challenges. This year, we have begun tackling these so as to expand our peer review system to explicitly encompass statistical software, under project funded by the Alfred P.

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Risk Assessment Application

By Andy Nicholls on August 5, 2020

Background Towards the end of 2019, the R Validation Hub received an additional grant from the R Consortium to progress the next phase of our road map and produce a risk assessment app to complement the riskmetric package. In early 2020, Fission Labs were selected as our partner to build the first iteration of the application. Fission Labs is a software product development services company delivering product life-cycle management and high-end scalable technology solutions.

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